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Environments: To Inspire or Not Inspire - You Decide

Whether Workplace, Educational or Healthcare environments why not create an inspiring environment. 

  • Seating - Whether your job requires collaboration, intense computer use or is labor intensive, the right place to sit can make all the difference. 
  1. Task Seating - Appropriate seating supports you throughout your work day, proper adjustments and support have shown to increase productivity and decrease the aches and pains associated with long term sitting, truly a win-win for employers & employees
  2. Stack or Nesting Seating - Specifically designed for adjusting the size of the group while providing comfort for usually short term sitting. The attractiveness and comfort have improved greatly allowing them to function well as guest seating
  3. Guest Seating - Determined by level of comfort wanted and design image you wish to present
  4. Conference Seating - Determined by the comfort wanted, design image and also the level of adjustment. Too often highly adjustable task chairs are put into service as conference chairs creating an often unappealing and occasionally unsafe situation
  5. Lounge Seating - Whether a comfortable waiting environment or used as a casual meeting space the use of lounge seating has increased. The addition of tablet arms and integral power have make them a perfect choice for touch down spaces and recharging our smart devices. 
  6. Collaborative Seating - A name given to lounge seating used in a more informal meeting manner. Also allowing multiple postures.
  7. Cafe Seating - It is all about the image you want to project
  8. Bench Seating - Great for creating short term waiting or touchdown space. Often used in wide hallways

  • Furnishings-
  1. Workstations - Replacing the cube farms of the past are the newer sometime smaller workstations that bring technology and collaboration to the forefront. Some workstations also bring power to the desktop to allow users easy access for charging their devices.
  2. Private Office - With less space dedicated to private offices the furniture used must be increasingly flexible and more supportive of the technology used today
  3. Conference Tables - Conference tables today can be simple tables or designed to support technology, power and communications products.
  4. Collaborative Tables - Collaboration whether internal or by video has created a whole new category of interactive table in shapes that were only thoughts years ago
  5. Training Tables - Training rooms can be set up permanent training spaces but more often are being set up with the ability to transform the space for multiple purposes. Whether fixed with casters or nesting they can be designed for easy reconfiguration for anyone.
  6. Dining Tables - It is all about the image you want to project

  • Accessories -
  1. Lecterns - Simple or complex the range seems endless
  2. Recycling or Trash - Containers and labeling have improved bring more attractive choices
  3. Marker Boards - The newest offer various sizes, mobility and some even interactivity

  • Architectural Elements
  1. Movable - Demountable Walls
  2. Carpet
  3. Signage

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